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With a time lapse video in the winter and in the summer, I could cover the whole northern sky: When it’s getting bright in one of the videos, it starts to get dark in the other one. Probably best to watch fullscreen: The reason behind is between the two videos, the earth has done half…

Programming improvements 3

A few things of the many things I learned last months in Python. For and while loops have an else option I used to write code like this: That can be done so much easier: A similar option exist for while loops. Few other little things were: List comprehensions were also a revelation. Instead of…

Low sun in winter

During frosty days, just before the winter solstice, I came along this place. The sun was shining the days before, and cleared the frost where it reached. I was surprised, how wide the shady area was. My instinct would have been, that the shadow would just have been a bit wider than the height of…

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