A decade old, but I still like it

Currently I’m working on becoming a much better software developer. In my recent past, I worked on instrument design, data reduction, software development, and in technical support.

I studied physics and did a PhD in Germany (Dr). As part of my PhD studies I took the chance to live and work on La Palma (Spain). After finishing my studies, I moved to the UK where I worked in the technical support in a data analysing company and as Postdoctoral researcher in instrument development for a high resolution spectrograph and programmed the data analysis package for the end user.

My interests are data analysis, programming, and development of innovative methods. Examples of my code can be found on Github (Ronny Errmann).

In my next project I would like to set up a weather station with a Raspberry Pi (as soon I get my hands on a Raspberry Pi this is a bit difficult at the moment) or a sensor to measure the distance when being overtaken on the bicycle: www.openbikesensor.org.

I also like to take time lapses, some can be found on my Youtube channel. On my second page I am publishing travel pictures: ronnytraveller.uk or ronnyreisender.me (German).